Conferencia internacional sobre el bisonte europeo en Alemania

Conference on “Wisents – Conservation of the species and Ecology“

from 27 to 28 September 2018 in the Brandenburgian Academy “Castle Criewen“, Schwedt (Germany)

The Brandenburgian Academy “Castle Criewen“ is institutionally supported by the state of Brandenburg. Additionally this international conference will receive project funding from the ministry of rural development, environment and agriculture (MLUL). As a result we are able to cover the travel and accommodation costs of the referents (most favorable rate).

The aim of this conference is to bring the wisent farmers and other players from Germany and Poland as well as from other European countries who promote the protection and preservation of the wisents together for an exchange of experience. The topic of this conference is species conservation as well as breeding, animal health and tourism development.

Moreover, we will discuss ecological topics, for example how meadow breeders, numerous insects and other invertebrates will react to extensive grazing on water-meadow landscapes. We will not only discuss the wisents but also their impact on the forests, pastures, meadows and the respective ecosystems. That is why we have planned a two-day conference which will be translated simultaneously into German, Polish and English.

The program manager Mrs. Uta Böhme is responsible for the planning of the conference (Tel: +49 3332 838841, E-Mail:

Dr. Ansgar Vössing
General Manager Brandenburgische Akademie «Schloss Criewen»
c/o Internationalpark Unteres Odertal GmbH
Park 3, Schloss
D – 16303 Schwedt / OT Criewen
phone: +49 3332 838 841
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